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  1. 1863 Civil War Era Hanover Junction Railroad Station Photo

    This Civil War era photograph shows view of a railroad station and boxcars at Hanover Junction, in Pennsylvania. This photo dates to 1863. Learn More
  2. 1889 United States Map of Pennsylvania Railroad and Connections

    This is a vintage map of the Pennsylvania Railroad and its connections. Map of the United States showing major relief by hachures, drainage, and the railroad network with named lines and emphasis on the main line. Map dates to 1889. Learn More
  3. 1855 Great Central Route US Railroad Map Poster


    Vintage map shows railroad lines in the north-central and northeastern United States connecting with the Michigan Central and New York Central Railroads. Map dates to 1855.

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  4. Graffiti at Mt. Vernon New York Railroad Station Photo

    Picture shows Mount Vernon West Railroad Station, 156 South West St., SW corner Mt. Vernon Ave., Mount Vernon, Westchester County, NY. Learn More
  5. 1857 Eastern United States Railroad System Map

    This is a vintage map of the eastern half of the United States showing cities, state boundaries, finished railroads, and railroads in progress. Map dates to 1857.
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  6. 1920s the Boat Train Boston & Main Railroad Poster

    Poster for the new Boat Train on the Boston and Maine Railroad. This 1920s travel poster features an illustration of a railroad train car in front of a huge passenger ship. Poster text: New The Boat Train; Sunday - a day on the open sea; Boston and Maine Railroad; Eastern Steamship Lines Inc. Learn More
  7. 1940 Women Cleaning Chicago & Northwestern Railroad Locomotive

    Photo of women wipers of the Chicago and Northwestern railroad cleaning one of the giant locomotives. This old photograph dates to 1940. Learn More
  8. 1905 Men Being Served Drinks Buffet Railroad Car Photo

    Photo shows two men being served drinks in a buffet lounge railroad car. Photo dates to about 1905. Learn More
  9. New Late 1800s Train Stopped on Railroad Bridge

    Late 1800s Train Stopped on Railroad Bridge

    Old photo showing view of a train stopped on an old railroad bridge in Mexico. This old, vintage photo dates to between 1880 and 1897. Learn More
  10. 1914 Philadelphia Wilmington & Baltimore Railroad Station Photo

    Photo shows a horse drawn wagon at the rear of the Wilmington & Baltimore railroad freight station in Philadelphia, PA. This photograph dates to 1914. Learn More