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  1. 1940s Black Kid Drinking at Colored Only Water Fountain Photo

    Photo of a young black African American boy drinking water at a water fountain marked 'Colored'. Photo dates to the 1940s. Learn More
  2. 1902 Black Musicians Portrait Photo

    Cute photo showing two African Americans playing their guitars and laughing at the photographer. This old photo dates to 1902. Learn More
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    1964 Harlem New York Rioters after Powell Shooting Photo

    1964 Harlem New York Rioters after Powell Shooting Photo

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    Photo shows view of African-American rioters racing through Harlem streets carrying pictures of Lt. Gilligan, who shot 15 year old James Powell. This shooting set off days of rioting through Harlem and Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, New York. Photo dates to 1964. Learn More
  4. 1950s School Integration Clinton High School in TN Photo

    Photo shows an African American boy walking through a crowd of white boys during a period of violence related to school integration. Taken in Clinton, Tennessee on December 4, 1956. Learn More
  5. 1959 Little Rock Nine Protesters Marching to High School Photo

    Photograph shows a young African American boy watching a group of people, some carrying American flags, march past to protest the admission of the "Little Rock Nine" to Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas(AR). Photo dates to 1959. Learn More
  6. 1963 Civil Rights Demonstration in Brooklyn NY Photo

    Photograph of an African American woman being carried to police patrol wagon during a Civil Rights demonstration in Brooklyn, New York. Photo dates to August 20, 1963. Learn More
  7. 1960 Alabama State College Students Talking to Reporter Photo

    Photo shows four African American students of Alabama State College in Montgomery, AL speaking to a white reporter. Photograph dates to 1960. Learn More
  8. 1960s Civil Rights Movement Alabama School Integration Photo

    Photo of Vivian Malone, one of the first African Americans to attend the university of Alabama, walking through a crowd that includes photographers, National Guard members, and Deputy U.S. Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach. This historic black and white photo dates to June 11, 1963. Learn More
  9. 1960s Civil Rights Movement Photo

    Photograph shows an African American man carrying a child on his shoulders with a placard telling President Johnson to go to Selma, Alabama. Learn More
  10. 1960s Civil Rights Movement March on Washington DC Photo

    Photograph shows a crowd of African Americans behind a storm fence with police carrying a woman on the other side. This historic black and white photo dates to August 28, 1963. Learn More