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  1. Boston Elevated Train Station Northampton St Photo

    Boston Elevated Railway, Elevated Mainline, Washington Street, Boston, Suffolk County, MA

    Photo shows a view of elevated Mainline structure and Northampton Street Station - looking Northeast - along Washington Street at the corner of Northampton Street. Photograph dates to the 1980s Learn More
  2. 1906 Louisville KY Train on Fourteenth Street Bridge Photo

    Photo of a train crossing the fourteenth street railroad bridge in Louisville, Kentucky. This bridge was first built in 1868 and is still in use today. Photograph dates to 1906. Learn More
  3. 1936 Mississippi Train Station Old Cars Street Scene

    Photograph showing the train station area of Edwards, Mississippi. Nice view of old, vintage automobiles and aerial view of the town near the train station. This old photograph dates to 1936. Learn More
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    Bronx New York Subway Train Tracks View at 149th Street

    Bronx New York Subway Train Tracks View at 149th Street

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    Picture shows Bronx line north of diamond crossover, between 149th st. and westchester avenue, view is north. Learn More
  5. 1918 Red Cross Workers at Train Station Washington Dc 5x7 Photo

    Photo shows Men on troops train, with Red Cross workers in front, probably in Washington, D.C. Photo dates to 1918. This is a 5x7 photo. Learn More
  6. Chicago Union L Subway Train at State St Platform Photo

    Picture shows Union Elevated Railroad, State Street Station, Van Buren Street, Chicago, Cook County, IL. View from station platform with subway train in the background. Learn More
  7. New 1940s German Train Travel Poster

    1940s German Train Travel Poster

    Poster showing a German train prominently displayed on this German travel poster. Poster dates to sometime in the 1940s. Learn More
  8. Early 1900s Crowd at Train Station Sylvan Beach NY

    Photo shows view of crowd at railroad station, Sylvan Beach, New York. Nice view of people in period dress and an old steam locomotive. Photo dates to between 1890 and 1910. Learn More
  9. 1907 Illinois Railroad Train Going Through Water Photo

    Photo shows view of an Illinois railroad train going through high water. This old photograph dates to 1907. Learn More
  10. New Early 1900s Union Train Station Portland Maine

    Early 1900s Union Train Station Portland Maine

    Old photo showing view of Union train station in Portland, Maine. This old, vintage photo dates to between 1900 and 1909. Learn More