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  1. 1890s Barnum & Bailey Acrobatic Circus Poster

    Portraits of the owners were used profusely on circus posters to give the townspeople a feeling of confidence in the show they were about to see. Poster contains nice illustrations of acrobatic circus acts. This Barnum & Bailey circus poster dates to the 1890s. Learn More
  2. 1898 Barnum & Bailey Japanese Acrobat Circus Poster

    Vintage circus poster showing a Japanese tight-rope walker descending a steeply angled wire. This poster dates to 1898. Learn More
  3. 1909 Barnum & Bailey Equestrians Circus Poster

    The wreath effectively sets off the formal group portrait of the equestrian family, and the shield below adds impact to their names. The scenes of the family in action are so vivid that only 12 words are needed to describe the act. This is a Barnum & Bailey circus poster from 1909. Learn More
  4. 1906 Barnum & Bailey Horse Show Circus Poster

    Seven scenes of beautiful horses and handsomely attired performers, neatly put together on one 1906 poster by the Strobridge artists, tell the whole story at a glance. Part of the Barnum & Bailey Greatest Show on Earth. Learn More
  5. 1938 Coal Barges on Monongahela River in Pittsburgh Photo

    Photo of a coal barge on the Monongahela river in Pittsburgh, PA. This old photo dates to 1938. Learn More
  6. 1917 Barnum & Bailey Aladdin's Lamp Circus Poster

    Even circus elephants became involved in this pageant of Aladdin and his lamp. The colorfully rich dressed participants, majestic horse-drawn floats and richly caparisoned horses fill this glorious Barnum & Bailey circus poster of 1917. Learn More
  7. 1897 Barnum & Bailey Horse Fair Circus Poster

    Fine horses are among the mainstays of any circus. To promenade the prancing beauties in one huge column around the hippodrome track created a great spectacle. The artists of this 1897 Barnum & Bailey circus poster caught all of the feel of this grand march. Learn More
  8. 1912 Barnum & Bailey Street Parade Circus Poster

    Although the daily street parade was in itself an advertisement that let the townspeople know for sure that it was circus day, the big shows used posters that advertised the advertisement! This Barnum & Bailey Greatest Show on Earth circus poster is from 1912. Learn More
  9. 1900 Barnum & Bailey Circus Clowns and Farm Animals Circus Poster

    Vintage circus poster showing clowns with performing animals including geese, roosters, and a donkey. Poster dates to 1900. Great vintage circus poster available in a number of sizes. Learn More
  10. Old Barnum & Bailey Trained Animals Circus Poster

    Trained pigs were frequently seen on the traveling circuses. An act of trained house cats might have been included more often on the tiny dog and pony shows, but the one illustrated in this circus poster of a huge railroad circus is indeed a rarity. This Barnum & Bailey circus poster dates to 1890s. Learn More