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    Photo showing Scene at 1914 festival; parade of autos and carriages along beachfront boulevard; rows of 4-wheeled bathhouses on beach. I believe this photo was taken in Uruguay. This is a 5x7 photo. Learn More
  2. 1906 Barnum & Bailey Horse Show Circus Poster

    Seven scenes of beautiful horses and handsomely attired performers, neatly put together on one 1906 poster by the Strobridge artists, tell the whole story at a glance. Part of the Barnum & Bailey Greatest Show on Earth. Learn More
  3. Early 1900s Old Horse Drawn Milk Cart Photo

    Photo of a typical milk cart in New Orleans. Great shot taken in front of an old shaving parlor. This old vintage black & white photograph dates to between 1900 and 1909. Learn More
  4. 1901 Kentucky Derby Horse Track Infield Photo

    Photo shows view of the infield and both tracks at Churchill Downs race track during the Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Kentucky. This vintage photograph dates to 1901. Learn More
  5. 1907 Churchill Downs Horse Racing Photo

    Photo shows view of horses at the starting line at Churchill Downs race track in Louisville, Kentucky. This vintage photograph dates to 1907. Learn More
  6. 1891 Oglala Indian Plenty Horse Portrait Photo

    Photograph showing view of Plenty Horses, Oglala man, and two U.S. soldiers standing in front of a cannon in a military camp. Photo dates to 1891 near Pine Ridge, South Dakota. TITLE: Tasunka, (alias Plenty Horses). The slayer of Lieut. Casey, near Pine Ridge, S.D. Learn More
  7. 1915 Barnum & Bailey Midget Horse Rider Circus Poster

    Five of the midget bareback rider's tricks are shown on this one 1915 Barnum & Bailey circus poster, and only a few words of explanatory text are required. Learn More
  8. 1909 Boston Market Scene Old Shops & Horse Drawn Wagons

    Photo shows an old Boston market street scene with old shops, fruit stands, shoppers in early 1900 period dress, and an old horse-drawn wagon. Photo dates to 1909; Boston, Massachusetts. Learn More
  9. 1800s Patrick Street Ireland Street Scene Horse Wagons

    Photo of a late 1800's street scene on Patrick Street in Cork, Ireland. Nice view of old shops, horse-drawn carriages, wagons, and double decker buses. Learn More
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    Old Coney Island New York Circus Horse Photo

    Old Coney Island New York Circus Horse Photo

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    Photograph showing view of an open air circus at New York City's Coney Island amusement park. This old photo was originally taken in the early 1900s. Be sure to check out all our other old Coney Island photographs. This is a great historical giclee print of New York's greatest amusement park. Learn More