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  1. 1908 Detroit Tigers Pitcher Ed Killians Sports Photo

    Photo shows a view of Ed Killian, a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers baseball team. Photograph dates to 1908. Learn More
  2. Early 1900s Mens Golfer Harry Vardon Sports Photo

    Photo shows view of famous men's golfer Harry Vardon swinging a golf club. Harry Vardon, the English golfing great from Jersey who won six Open Championships between 1896 and 1914. Vardon also won the 1900 U.S. Open, and popularized the Vardon Grip, used by most golfers today. The Vardon Trophy is named for him. Learn More
  3. 1908 Detroit Tigers Baseball Ed Killian Sports Photo

    Photograph of Ed Killian, pitcher, for the Detroit Tigers baseball team. Nice vintage photograph that originally dates to 1908. Great sports memorabilia item. Learn More
  4. Early 1900s Golfers Hagan & Tellier Sports Photo

    Photo shows view of men's golfers Hagan and Tellier holding golf clubs. Photograph dates to between 1908 and 1914. Learn More
  5. 1909 James Jeffries & Sam Berger Boxing Sports Photo

    Photograph showing James Jeffries and Sam Berge sparring in the boxing ring. Photo dates to 1909. Great sports memorabilia photo. Learn More
  6. 1913 NY Yankees Frank Gilhooley Batting Sports Photo

    Photo of of New York Yankees baseball player Frank Gilhooley swinging his bat at home plate. This old sports photo dates to 1913. Learn More
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    1908 Chicago Cubs Ballplayer Patrick Joseph Moran Sports Photo

    1908 Chicago Cubs Ballplayer Patrick Joseph Moran Sports Photo

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    Photo shows a view of Patrick Joseph Moran, Chicago Cubs baseball player, standing at home plate with bat in hand during baseball game. Photograph dates to 1908. Learn More
  8. Early 1900s Reinald Werrenrath Putting a Golf Ball Sports Photo

    Photo shows view of Reinald Werrenrath, an American operatic baritone, playing golf and putting a golf ball. Photo dates to between 1910 and 1919. Learn More
  9. 1913 Cincinnati Reds Baseball Team Group Photo

    Photo shows the 1910 Cincinnati Reds baseball team. Great sports memorabilia!

    Top Row - unidentified, Armando Marsans, Dick Hoblitzell, Tommy Clarke, Eddie Grant, Dick Egan, Rube Benton, Marty Berghammer (?), George Suggs, Beals Becker; Middle Row - Chief Johnson, Bob Bescher, Ralph Works, Harry McIntyre, Frank Harter, Bill Powell, unidentified, Art Fromme; Bottom Row - Rafael Almeida, Johnny Bates, Hank Severeid, Bert Niehoff, Joe Tinker and son Roland(?) (or possibly son Joe Jr.), Mordecai Brown, Harry Chapman, Gene Packard, unidentified.

    Learn More
  10. 1895 Captains of the 12 National League Baseball Teams

    Vintage sports poster showing bust portraits of the captains of the twelve baseball teams in the National League, arranged around a scene showing a base-runner attempting to steal second base during a baseball game. Poster dates to 1895. Learn More