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  1. 1894 Barnum & Bailey Circus Animals on Display Poster

    This Barnum & Bailey circus poster from 1894 shows the customs of exotic nations ? dances, instruments, attire and dwellings. This was sometimes part of the educational display in the menagerie tents of the big railroad circuses. Learn More
  2. 1913 Barges & Steamboats on Allegheny, Monongahela Rivers

    Photo of steamboats and coal barges on the water where the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers meet in Pittsburgh, PA. Great view of bridges spanning the river with the skyline in the background. Photo dates to around 1913. Learn More
  3. 1905 Barnum & Bailey Sensational Acts Circus Poster

    On this Barnum & Bailey circus poster, the press agents of 1905 called this thrill act 'a fearful frolic with fate'. Indeed, all acts of this type - whether the performers operated somersaulting autos, rode hurtling bicycles over enormous gaps, or were catapulted from a huge crossbow or shot out of a cannon - were truly daring and dangerous. Learn More
  4. 1915 Barnum & Bailey Midget Horse Rider Circus Poster

    Five of the midget bareback rider's tricks are shown on this one 1915 Barnum & Bailey circus poster, and only a few words of explanatory text are required. Learn More
  5. Old Barnum & Bailey Circus Elephants Poster

    This old Barnum & Bailey Circus poster shows six smaller panels with elephant routines and a large illustration in the middle of them of elephants. Learn More
  6. 1916 Barnum & Bailey Oriental Pageant Circus Poster

    The elephants, robes, the horses, trappings, the costumes, flags, banners, howdahs and throne all contribute to the sumptuous and colorful splendor of this 1916 Strobridge circus poster. Learn More
  7. 1917 Barnum & Bailey Giraffes Circus Poster

    Giraffes were rare zoological features and the inhabitants of the hinterland gazed with awe on these almost incredible creatures. This old Barnum & Bailey circus poster is from 1917. Learn More
  8. 1909 Barnum & Bailey Desperados Circus Poster

    In 1909 Desperado made his terrific descent twice a day, and sometimes three times. The Strobridge artists captured all of the thrill of this unbelievable act on this beautiful Barnum & Bailey circus poster art. Learn More
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    1940s Old Barber Shop Sign at New York City Barber Photo

    1940s Old Barber Shop Sign at New York City Barber Photo

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    Photo shows a very nice New York City street scene with an old barber shop rotating sign, old buildings/shops, and other aspects of city life. Street view of Greenwich Street in New York City, circa 1940. Learn More
  10. 1890s Barnum & Bailey Acrobatic Circus Poster

    Only three men, not 13, were in this troupe. The artists? purpose was not to deceive but only to show the various routines that the Herbert Brothers could accomplish. This acrobatic Barnum & Bailey circus poster dates to the 1890s. Learn More