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  1. Early 1900s African Woman Washing Clothes Photo

    Photograph shows an African woman washing clothes at the Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, N.Y. Photo dates to around 1901. Learn More
  2. 1910 South African Boxer Fred Storbeck Photo

    Photo shows view of South African boxer Fred Storbeck. Photograph dates to 1910. This boxing great was the 1910 ABA Heavyweight Champion. Learn More
  3. 1936 Young African Woman Nursing Child Photo

    Photograph shows an African woman outside a village in Africa nursing her child. Photo dates to 1936. Learn More
  4. World War II N African B-26 Airplanes Bombin Mission

    Photo shows Operations in North Africa by Allied air forces. Mitchell B-26 bombers of the United States Army Air Forces and Baltimore bombers of the South African air forces flying together in formation on their way to attack Rommel's position in North Africa. Dated 1943. Learn More
  5. 1943 World War II African Stage Air Base Raid Photo

    Photo depicts a Tail section of a French plane in front of damaged buildings and hangars at a North African air base which was captured by the Allies. This old photograph dates to 1943. Learn More
  6. Old World War II N. African French Army Parade Photo

    Photo depicts a short parade after a flag raising ceremony, with French troops participating somewhere in North Africa. This historic photo dates to 1942. Learn More
  7. Old Morris Brown College African American Baseball Team

    Photo shows African American baseball players from Morris Brown College, with boy and another man standing at door, Atlanta, Georgia. Nice vintage photo for baseball fans or baseball memorabilia collectors. Learn More
  8. Old World War II N. African Prison Yard Photo

    Scene in a prison yard after the armistice in North Africa as French soldiers, sailors, and native antagonists were being freed. Learn More
  9. 1936 Two Beautiful African Women Photo

    Photograph shows view of two beautiful African women in local tribal dress in Africa. Photo dates to 1936. Learn More
  10. 1960s Civil Rights March on Washington Photo

    Nice photo of a Civil Rights march and demonstration in Washington, DC. Photograph was originally taken on August 28, 1963. Photograph shows a crowd of African Americans and whites on the grounds of the Lincoln Memorial; two men in foreground read a newspaper with the headline: "They'e Pouring In From All Over." Learn More