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  1. 1940s Pan American Clipper Plane Travel Poster

    This is a nice illustrated travel poster for Pan American Airlines for flights to the islands of Hawaii. This vintage poster shows a Hawaiian hula dancer with the Hawaiian islands in the background with a Pan Am airplane flying by. This poster dates to the 1940s. Learn More
  2. 1882 World's Railroad Scene Illustrated Poster

    Poster showing well-dressed passengers waiting as the Illinois Central Railroad train pulls into the station; also shows a steamship, horse-drawn carriage, stagecoach, and canal boat, along with a large globe displaying the United States and the extent of the I.C.R.R. lines. This vintage poster dates to 1882. Learn More
  3. Vintage Italian Automobiles Advertising Poster

    This Italian advertising poster shows a man with a car on a cutting board with it sliced and a piece of the car is on his fork as if he is going to eat it. Text says: Automobili(automobiles) S.A. L'autofiduciaria e credito industriale milano... Learn More
  4. 1890s the Black Patti Singer Theatrical Poster

    Nice black memorabilia theatrical poster for singer Sisieretta Jones, The Black Patti. Caption says 'The Black Patti, Mme. M. Sissieretta Jones : the greatest singer of her race.' Learn More
  5. 1909 Barnum & Bailey Equestrians Circus Poster

    The wreath effectively sets off the formal group portrait of the equestrian family, and the shield below adds impact to their names. The scenes of the family in action are so vivid that only 12 words are needed to describe the act. This is a Barnum & Bailey circus poster from 1909. Learn More
  6. 1895 Barnum & Bailey Grand Water Circus Poster

    Vintage circus poster for Barnum & Bailey's grand water circus. This old poster dates to 1895. Great vintage circus poster available in a number of sizes. Learn More
  7. Sells Floto Circus M'lle Beeson Acrobat Poster

    This old Sells Floto circus poster shows tight-rope walker Beeson prancing with a parasol. Nice old vintage poster. Learn More
  8. 1893 Sells Brothers Crazy Clowns Circus Poster

    Vintage circus posters devoted to a single clown act were not at all common. These seven scenes introduce an outstanding team of the day. A neat little touch shows Carroll in makeup painting his own portrait. This is a Strobridge circus poster from 1893. Learn More
  9. 1900s Ringling Bros Wild Animals Circus Poster

    This Ringling Bros. circus poster of the 1900 era, by the Courier Lithograph Company of Buffalo, NY, calls the menagerie an 'Exposition of Natural History', and it was a truly educational extension of the circus. Audiences of the hinterland were especially fascinated by the exotic beasts which they had never seen before. Learn More
  10. War of 1812 Battle of New Orleans(1815) Poster

    This vintage illustrated poster depicts the Battle of New Orleans, the final major battle of the second war with the British in 1815. Learn More