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  1. 1890s French Balloon Aerialists Circus Poster

    Circus poster shows a group of aerialists performing. Two women are held aloft by a balloon attached to their hair. The portrait on the center balloon is possibly Miss Stena. TITLE: Descente d'Absalon par Miss Stena Learn More
  2. Early 1900s Sudanese Warriors in Africa Photo

    Photograph shows view of African men and women in local tribal dress in Africa. These are likely warriors from Sudan. Photo dates to between 1900 and 1927. Learn More
  3. 1920 6 Bathing Beauties in Columbia Six Sport Car Photo

    Photograph shows six women dressed in bathing suits sitting in, on, and standing next to an automobile. This vintage photograph originally dates to 1920. Learn More
  4. 1800s US President Lincoln's Hearse in Chicago Photo

    Photograph shows many women dressed in white accompanying President Lincoln's hearse as it passes beneath ornamental arch at 12th Street in Chicago, Illinois. Photo dates to 1865. Learn More
  5. Early 1900s Atlantic City NJ Bathing Beauties with Flag

    Photograph shows two women dressed in bathing suits next to a boat on the beach with an American flag inside. This vintage photograph originally dates to between 1900 and 1909. Learn More
  6. 1890s Forepaugh & Sells Bros. Acrobatics Circus Poster

    Circus poster Eight men and six women performing acrobatics. Title says The Adam Forepaugh and Sells Brothers America's greatest shows consolidated--The great Livingstone, Davene & De Mora Troupe of champion acrobats, posturers, and hand balancers. Original poster dates to 1898. Great vintage circus poster available in a number of sizes. Learn More
  7. New Old Montana Indians Mid-Summer Celebration Playing Stick Game 5x7 Photo

    Old Montana Indians Mid-Summer Celebration Playing Stick Game 5x7 Photo

    Photo shows Indian women playing the stick game at the midsummer celebration on the Glacier National Park Reservation, Montana. Photo dates to between 1910 and 1919. Nice historical photo of these native americans. This is a 5x7 photo. Learn More
  8. 1920s Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey Jungle Circus Poster

    Tiger acts have always been popular because of the enormous size of the animals and their startling beauty. The black leopard was added to the group for variety and perhaps for prestige. This old Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey circus poster dates to the 1920s, when there were some 50 men and women trainers presenting big-cat acts on 14 circuses. Learn More


    Photo shows four prize winners in annual beauty show, Washington Bathing Beach, Washington, D.C. Left to right: Gay Gatley, Eva Fridell, Anna Neibel, Iola Swinnerton. Nice view of these 4 beautiful women showing off their swimsuits. Photograph dates to 1922. Learn More
  10. 1867 Union Pacific Train Passengers Photo

    A young girl in a prim white dress stands out in this seemingly spontaneous group portrait of passengers disembarking from railroad cars on a prairie in the midwest. The lack of a proper station platform, however, suggests that some passengers remained aboard the train and that this was a momentary stop to produce a contrived image. The conspicuous absence of women in the image is also a reminder that pioneering was primarily done by men: in 1850 only 7,000 of California's 94,000 residents were women. This vintage photograph dates to 1867. Learn More