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  1. New Late 1800s French Animal Circus Street Fair Photo

    Late 1800s French Animal Circus Street Fair Photo

    Outside the Palace of Monkeys at this street fair, performing dogs and music attracted patrons to an animal circus. An ornately painted organ and humorous illustrations of dogs performing circus antics and dealing cards adorn the stage. This old photograph dates to 1898. Learn More
  2. 1880s Cirque D'Hiver French Circus Poster Aerial

    French circus poster shows an aerialist floating with arms outstretched above a city skyline with a balloon in the background. Titled 'Cirque d'hiver Tous les soirs, a 8 heures'. Learn More
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    Old Coney Island New York Circus Horse Photo

    Old Coney Island New York Circus Horse Photo

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    Photograph showing view of an open air circus at New York City's Coney Island amusement park. This old photo was originally taken in the early 1900s. Be sure to check out all our other old Coney Island photographs. This is a great historical giclee print of New York's greatest amusement park. Learn More
  4. 1890s French Balloon Performers Circus Poster

    French circus poster shows two performers in the basket of an airship navigated by a rudder and a propeller. The basket bears the date 1884. TITLE: Eden-concert, enl'vez l'ballon revue de m.m. Hermil & Num's, 17 boulevard S bastopol, musique nouvelle de Tar-Caen Learn More
  5. 1893 Sells Brothers Three Ring Circus Poster

    Although the nursery-rhyme floats are the center of interest in this Sells Bros. 3 Ring Circus poster of 1893, the artists also included a broadside view of the main tent. This added feature immediately indicates that this circus is a big one. Learn More
  6. 1909 Barnum & Bailey Desperados Circus Poster

    In 1909 Desperado made his terrific descent twice a day, and sometimes three times. The Strobridge artists captured all of the thrill of this unbelievable act on this beautiful Barnum & Bailey circus poster art. Learn More
  7. 1906 Barnum & Bailey Horse Show Circus Poster

    Seven scenes of beautiful horses and handsomely attired performers, neatly put together on one 1906 poster by the Strobridge artists, tell the whole story at a glance. Part of the Barnum & Bailey Greatest Show on Earth. Learn More
  8. 1890s Barnum & Bailey Acrobatic Circus Poster

    Portraits of the owners were used profusely on circus posters to give the townspeople a feeling of confidence in the show they were about to see. Poster contains nice illustrations of acrobatic circus acts. This Barnum & Bailey circus poster dates to the 1890s. Learn More
  9. 1890s Barnum & Bailey Acrobatic Circus Poster

    Only three men, not 13, were in this troupe. The artists? purpose was not to deceive but only to show the various routines that the Herbert Brothers could accomplish. This acrobatic Barnum & Bailey circus poster dates to the 1890s. Learn More
  10. 1897 Barnum & Bailey Horse Fair Circus Poster

    Fine horses are among the mainstays of any circus. To promenade the prancing beauties in one huge column around the hippodrome track created a great spectacle. The artists of this 1897 Barnum & Bailey circus poster caught all of the feel of this grand march. Learn More