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  1. World War I Liberty Loan War Bonds Drive Poster 1918

    Poster for a Liberty Loan 1918 Spring Drive showing a girl holding up a liberty loan bond. Learn More
  2. Vintage 1979 Nurse Sherry Horror Movie Poster Hot!!

    This awesome old horror poster is from the 1978 movie Nurse Sherri. Nice illustration of a sexy nurse in the graveyard. Learn More
  3. 1930s Scotland SMT Bus Tours Travel Poster Rare

    Poster for SMT Tours and depicts bus full of passengers touring Scotland. Text says: All Scotland SMT Tours. Poster dates to 1930. Learn More
  4. Vintage Teenage Jail Bait Old Movie Poster Nice!!

    This is an awesome movie poster reproduction of this sexy horror movie, 'Teenage Jail Bait'. Not sure of the original date of the poster but it looks to be from the late 1960s or early 1970s. Learn More
  5. World War I Uncle Sam Military Recruiting Poster

    Poster showing Uncle Sam, with a list of military service branches and the question, "Which for you?". TITLE: Volunteer, and choose your own branch of the service - Uncle Sam. Poster dates to World War I, 1917. Learn More
  6. 1917 World War I Allied Battle Scene War Poster

    War poster showing a battle scene with Allied tank, trenches, and airplanes. TITLE: National allied bazaar Mechanics Bldg. Boston December 9 to 20. Poster dates to 1917. Learn More
  7. 1890s Hurly-Burly Extravaganza Vaudeville Poster

    Poster advertising a Vaudeville musical, Casino Comedy Four. Title says: Hurly-Burly Extravaganza and Refined Vaudeville. Poster dates to 1899. Learn More
  8. Vintage Italian Cirio Advertising Poster

    This is a nice illustrated advertising poster for Cirio(have no idea what this is, but evidently it's food). This vintage advertising poster dates to the early 1920's. Learn More
  9. 1850s Gunpowder for Sale Advertising Poster

    Old advertising poster for gunpowder from the Laflin Powder Company in Saugerties, New York. Poster dates to the 1850s. Learn More
  10. 1893 Sells Brothers Crazy Clowns Circus Poster

    Vintage circus posters devoted to a single clown act were not at all common. These seven scenes introduce an outstanding team of the day. A neat little touch shows Carroll in makeup painting his own portrait. This is a Strobridge circus poster from 1893. Learn More