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  1. 1938 Coal Barges on Monongahela River in Pittsburgh Photo

    Photo of a coal barge on the Monongahela river in Pittsburgh, PA. This old photo dates to 1938. Learn More
  2. 1958 Old Barrels at Philadelphia Warehouse Scene Photo

    Photo shows front view of the Latour Warehouse, 508 South Water Street, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, PA. Nice view of barrels in front of warehouse and old cars. Photo dates to 1958. Learn More
  3. 1920s Al G Barnes Lion Tamers Circus Poster

    In this nice circus poster of the 1920s the artist has made a clever composite of the routines performed by these male lions. In actuality, the trainer would put these big cats through their paces one trick at a time; this avoids confusion and keeps each animal's attention riveted on the particular routine which he is responsible. Learn More
  4. 1906 Louisville Ky Barge Steamboat Entering Canal Locks Photo

    Photo shows view of a barge steamboat entering the canal locks on the Ohio River in Louisville, Kentucky. This vintage photograph dates to 1906. Learn More
  5. 1938 Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey Gargantua Gorillas Circus Poster

    Gargantua was the most heavily billed and promoted circus attraction since Barnum's elephant Jumbo in the early 1880s. From 1938, the date of this Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus poster, through 1948, Gargantua traveled from one end of the United States to the other in a huge air-conditioned cage. Learn More
  6. Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey Chariots Circus Poster

    This highly animated Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey circus poster gains additional interest from the female driver of the foreground quadriga. This is from the 1930s. Learn More
  7. 1890s St. Finbars Cathedral Cork Co Ireland Photo

    Photo shows nice view of St. Finbar's Cathedral in Cork County, Ireland. These old photochromes date to the 1890's. Learn More
  8. Old Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Seals Act Circus Poster

    The brilliant red carpet laid on the performing platform sets off the seals and, of course, quickly attracts the eye. The descriptive copy is typical of the boastful way the circus had of proclaiming its acts as something very special. This Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey circus poster is from the 1930s. Learn More
  9. 1920s Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey Jungle Circus Poster

    Tiger acts have always been popular because of the enormous size of the animals and their startling beauty. The black leopard was added to the group for variety and perhaps for prestige. This old Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey circus poster dates to the 1920s, when there were some 50 men and women trainers presenting big-cat acts on 14 circuses. Learn More
  10. 1920s Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus Horse Poster

    This 1920's Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus poster depicts Capt. Barry's famous educated equines. Shows 8 horses performing tricks. Learn More