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  1. 1906 San Francisco Power House Engines Photo

    Photo shows the steam engines and winding machinery at the Washington and Mason Street powerhouse in San Francisco, CA. This vintage photo dates to 1906. Learn More
  2. 1891 Cowboys Branding Cattle Photo

    Photograph showing a group of six cowboys branding cattle in front of a house. Photo dates to 1891. Learn More
  3. 1940s H Class Locomotive 3034 Being Washed Photo

    Photo shows Mrs. Viola Sievers, one of the wipers at the roundhouse giving a giant "H" class locomotive (3034) a bath of live steam, Clinton, Iowa. Photo dates to 1943. Learn More
  4. 1940s Sante Fe RR 5400 Hp Diesel Engine Washed Photo

    Photo shows Washing one of the Santa Fe R.R. 54 hundred horse power diesel freight locomotives in the roundhouse, Argentine, Kansas. Photo dates to 1943. Learn More
  5. 1880 San Francisco Cliff House Beach Scene Photo

    Photo of beachgoers enjoying the water with the famous Cliff House in the background on top of the hill in San Francisco, California. This vintage photograph dates to 1880. Learn More
  6. 1900 Chicago Street Scene on Randolph St Photo

    Photo of Randolph Street, east from LaSalle street in Chicago, IL. Great street scene photo showing street cars, horse drawn wagons, Powers Theatre, Sherman House, and other stores and shops. This old photo dates to 1900. Learn More
  7. 1906 Louisville KY Courthouse Building Photo

    Photo of the courthouse building in Louisville, Kentucky. Nice view of the Thomas Jefferson statue in front and a horse carriage on the street. This vintage photograph dates to 1906. Learn More
  8. 1930s Baltimore Waterloo Row Street Scene Old Cars

    Photo of Waterloo Row at North Calvert Street in Baltimore Maryland. Nice view of the street with houses and old cars in view. Part of an old Pepsi billboard ad can also be seen. Photo dates to 1936. Learn More
  9. 1936 Cathedral St Scene Baltimore Old Cars Photo

    Picture shows 504-520 Cathedral Street (Houses), Baltimore, (Independent City) County, MD. Photo dates to 1936. Learn More
  10. 1888 Colorado Town Street Scene Photo

    Photograph showing a view of a town in Colorado during the 1880s. SUMMARY: Three buildings with signs reading: Grabill's Mining Exchange, Photographs, and El Paso Livery; river and houses in middleground; mountains in background. Learn More