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  1. 1930s Fort Point San Francisco Courtyard Old Cars Photo

    Picture shows Fort Point, U.S. Highway 101, San Francisco, San Francisco County, CA. Nice view of courtyard with old gangster cars parked. Learn More
  2. 1906 San Francisco Sutter Street Debris after Earthquake

    Photo of burnt out and fallen buildings on Sutter Street after the 1906 San Franciso earthquake that destroyed large parts of the city. Learn More
  3. 1906 San Francisco Palace Hotel Montgomery Street After Earthquake

    Photo of a burnt out Palace Hotel and surrounding debris after the 1906 San Franciso earthquake that destroyed large parts of the city. The Palace Hotel survived the initial earthquake but later succumbed to the fire that spread throughout the city. Learn More
  4. 1906 Ferry Building after San Francisco Earthquake

    Photo of the Ferry building in San Francisco, CA after the famous earthquake of 1906 that leveled most of the city. Learn More
  5. Vintage 1960 TWA Airlines San Francisco Travel Poster

    This vintage travel ad poster is for TWA Airlines. Caption says 'Fly TWA San Francisco' and shows an airplane flying past the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California (CA). The travel poster dates to circa 1960. Learn More
  6. 1890s USS Olympia Navy Warship Illustrated Poster

    This vintage illustrated poster depicts the battleship Olympia, which was a protected cruiser in the United States Navy during the Spanish-American War. She is most notable for being the flagship of Commodore George Dewey at the Battle of Manila Bay. The cruiser continued in service throughout World War I and was decommissioned in 1922. Learn More
  7. Old United Airlines San Francisco Travel Poster

    This is a nice illustrated travel poster for San Francisco, California via United Airlines. Poster originally dates to the 1950's. Learn More
  8. 1913 Chicago White Sox Baseball Player Hal Chase Photo

    Photograph of baseball player Hal Chase of the Chicago White Sox baseball team. Photo dates to 1913 and was taken at the Polo Grounds in New York where the NY Giants played.

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  9. 1920s Chicago Cubs Baseball Team Owner William Wrigley Jr. Photo

    Photograph of William Wrigley Jr., owner of the Chicago Cubs. Photo dates to the 1920s.

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  10. 1918 Chicago Cubs Game - Tom Daly and Les Mann Photo

    Photograph of baseball players Tom Daly and Les Mann of the Chicago Cubs during a baseball game. Photo dates to 1918. Learn More