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  1. 1895 Art Poster Narcoti-Cure Tobacco Poster

    Art nouveau poster advertisement for the Narcoti Chemical Co., Springfield, Mass., announcing cure for the tobacco habit, showing a demon or devil-like tobacco plant being skewered by a knight on horseback. Title: Narcoti-cure Cures the tobacco habit in from 4 to 10 days ; Price $5.00 / / Bradley. This old advertising poster dates to 1895. Learn More
  2. Large Haiti Theatrical Poster Copley Boston Ny Cast

    Theatrical poster advertises 'Haiti - Drama of the Blck Napolean', with the New York Cast. Held at Copley Theatre in Boston. Sponsored by WPA Federal Theatre Project. Learn More
  3. 1936 Federal Theatre Project Poster Follow the Parade Poster

    Poster for Federal Theatre Project presentation of "Follow the Parade" at the Amphitheatre Exposition Grounds, showing a man blowing a horn from which hangs a banner with the title of the play. This vintage poster dates to 1936. Learn More
  4. World War I War Exhibition Poster War Artifacts Display

    Poster showing an American soldier examining German helmets. TITLE: Thousands of German trophies from the front at the U.S. government war exposition. Text continues: Actual Army and Navy battles, tanks in action, flying battle planes, trench warfare, captured German aeroplanes and guns. Learn More
  5. Early 1900s Vintage Advertising Poster Liquer Cordial-Medoc

    Vintage Poster showing a woman holding a bottle and grapes, against a background of grapes. This vintage advertising poster dates to between 1907 and 1909. Learn More
  6. World War II Us Propaganda Poster - Nazi Symbol

    World War II propaganda poster suggesting careless communication may be harmful to the war effort, showing a swastika. Learn More
  7. World War I Real Warfare Movie Poster with Tank

    Poster showing a tank climbing across a trench. TITLE: See real warfare - "over there" cantonment - made possible by blood-not money 5th Regiment Armory, Baltimore - tickets for sale here / Lloyd Harrison ; H Gamse & Bro. Litho. Balto. Md. Learn More
  8. WWII Trojan Incident Theatrical Poster WPA Project

    Theatrical poster for Federal Theatre Project presentation of "Trojan Incident" at the St. James Theatre, 44 St. west of Broadway, NYC, showing silhouette of Trojan horse and soldiers. Learn More
  9. 1880s Cirque D'Hiver French Circus Poster Aerial

    French circus poster shows an aerialist floating with arms outstretched above a city skyline with a balloon in the background. Titled 'Cirque d'hiver Tous les soirs, a 8 heures'. Learn More
  10. Vintage Teenage Jail Bait Old Movie Poster Nice!!

    This is an awesome movie poster reproduction of this sexy horror movie, 'Teenage Jail Bait'. Not sure of the original date of the poster but it looks to be from the late 1960s or early 1970s. Learn More