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  1. New Early 1900s Pittsburgh Forbes Field Stadium Photo

    Early 1900s Pittsburgh Forbes Field Stadium Photo

    Photo shows view of Forbes Field baseball stadium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; home of the Pittsburgh Pirates. This vintage photo dates to between 1900 and 1909. Learn More
  2. 1920s New York Yankees Outfielder Robert Meusel Photo

    Photo of Robert William Meusel, New York Yankees outfielder, full-length portrait, facing right, swinging baseball bat. Great historical photo for baseball fans. Photo dates to period between 1920 and 1929. Learn More
  3. 1920s New York Yankees Babe Ruth Team Photo

    Photo of Yankees at New Orleans, posed in front of bleachers, spring training, Babe Ruth in center. Great historical photo for baseball fans. Photo dates to possibly 1921. Learn More
  4. 1921 Chicago White Sox Eddie Collins & Manager Kid Gleason Photo

    Photograph of Chicago White Sox baseball player Eddie Collins and manager Kid Gleason. Photo dates to 1921. Learn More
  5. 1918 Chicago Cubs Game - Tom Daly and Les Mann Photo

    Photograph of baseball players Tom Daly and Les Mann of the Chicago Cubs during a baseball game. Photo dates to 1918. Learn More
  6. 1917 Chicago White Sox Entering Field for World Series Photo

    Photograph of the Chicago White Sox baseball team entering the field for the 1917 World Series. Learn More
  7. 1913 Chicago White Sox Manager Nixey Callahan Photo

    Photograph of Nixey Callahan, manager of the Chicago White Sox baseball team. Photo dates to 1913. Learn More
  8. 1919 Babe Ruth Rolling Cigars at Cigar Factory Photo

    Photo shows George Herman "Babe" Ruth rolling a cigar at a cigar manufacturer. Caption continues: The World's champion home-run slugger has entered the cigar manufacturing business and is learning it, as he learned baseball, from start to finish. He'll do in any box--pitcher's box, batter's box or cigar box. Watch his smoke! Photo dates to 1919. Learn More
  9. 1919 Boston Red Sox Babe Ruth in Uniform Holding Bat Photo

    Photograph of Hall of Fame baseball player Babe Ruth of the Boston Red Sox baseball team. Photo dates to 1919 and this was the last year Babe played for the Red Sox. His trade to the New York Yankees is still considered perhaps the worst blunder in sports history. Learn More
  10. 1911 Washington Senators Germany Schaefer Photo

    Photo shows Herman A. "Germany" Schaefer (1876-1919), one of the most entertaining characters in baseball history, trying out the other side of the camera during the Washington Senators visit to play the New York Highlanders in April, 1911. Germany Schaefer, a versatile infielder and quick baserunner, played most of his career with the Detroit Tigers and the Washington Senators. Learn More