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  1. 1902 Boston MA Aerial View Map Poster

    Old vintage map shows bird's eye view of Boston, Massachusetts. This map dates to 1902. Learn More
  2. 1950s Allegheny Airlines Boston MA Travel Poster

    This vintage travel ad poster is for Allegheny Airlines who are advertising travel to Boston, Massachusetts. Illustration shows a patriot on a horse riding in the square of Boston. This travel poster dates to somewhere around 1955. Learn More
  3. 1920s the Boat Train Boston & Main Railroad Poster

    Poster for the new Boat Train on the Boston and Maine Railroad. This 1920s travel poster features an illustration of a railroad train car in front of a huge passenger ship. Poster text: New The Boat Train; Sunday - a day on the open sea; Boston and Maine Railroad; Eastern Steamship Lines Inc. Learn More
  4. 1873 Boston MA Aerial View Illustrated Map Poster

    Old illustrated map shows view of harbor and city of Boston, Massachusetts. Nice view of sailboats and steamships in the harbor and old buildings in the city. This old map dates to 1873. Learn More