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  1. 1920s University of Pittsburgh Cathedral of Learning Photo

    Photo of the Cathedral of learning building at the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This old photo dates to around 1920. Learn More
  2. New Old University California Berkeley Band

    Old University California Berkeley Band 5x7 Photo

    Group photo of University of California Berkeley Band members. Not sure of exact date, but around 1920's or 1930's is my best guess. Learn More
  3. Early 1900s Princeton University Hockey Team Photo

    Photo showing portrait of the Princeton University hockey team. This is a great vintage photograph that dates to somewhere between 1910 and 1920. Learn More
  4. 1929 Yale Football Coach Tad Jones

    Photo of Famous Yale football coach looks over Georgetown U. Gridironers. Tad Jones, former Yale Coach and one of the leading football authorities in the country, looked over the Georgetown football team at practice today. Jones is shown on left in picture with Lou Little, Coach of the Georgetown team. This vintage photo dates to 1929. Learn More