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  1. 1891 Bm Railroad Steam Engine Train Horseshoe Curve SD

    Photo Caption: train at Harney Range. Horseshoe Curve on the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad. near Custer City, S.D. Full view of steam train and passenger cars in a valley with mountains in background. Photo dates to 1891. Learn More
  2. Civil War Era Horse Supply Wagons City Point Virginia Photo

    Civil War photograph shows a view of supply or mail wagons outside the headquarters of General Marsena Patrick in City Point, Virginia during the Civil War. View of horse-drawn wagons carrying supplies or mail, railroad train cars, and the mail wharf during the Civil War. Photo dates to approximately 1865. Learn More
  3. Hilarious Family Portrait with Dog Wearing a Top Hat and Smoking

    Photo of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kern with their trained dog Bobbie. Bobbie is sitting in the middle wearing a top hat and smoking a cigarette. Great one-of-a-kind photo! This photograph dates to around 1905. Learn More