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  1. 1958 Philadelphia Stafford's Tavern-paschall House Photo

    Photo shows old delivery trucks and vintage cars outside Stafford's Tavern-Paschall in Philadelphia, PA. This photograph dates to 1958. Learn More
  2. 1900 Old Schlitz Beer Ad on Chicago River Elevator Photo

    This is a great photograph with lots of subject matter. There is a gorgeous Schlitz beer advertisement on the side of this Chicago River cargo elevator. You have freight cars with cargo being qued up to be loaded on boats. Nice looking steamboat docked on the pier next to a warehouse. Excellent quality black & white photo that is available in large and small sizes. Learn More
  3. 1922 Policeman and Wrecked Car Full of Moonshine Photo

    Photo shows a policeman standing in front of an old car that was wrecked; there's crates of moonshine beside the car. It appears that the moonshine was pulled from the car after the accident. Photo dates to 1922. This is a 5x7 photo. Learn More
  4. 1958 Old Barrels at Philadelphia Warehouse Scene Photo

    Photo shows front view of the Latour Warehouse, 508 South Water Street, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, PA. Nice view of barrels in front of warehouse and old cars. Photo dates to 1958. Learn More
  5. Early 1900s Cognac Liquor Vintage French Poster

    Vintage Poster showing a woman carrying enormous bunches of grapes on her shoulders. This advertising poster for Cognac dates to between 1907 and 1909. Learn More