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  1. New 1920 San Francisco Ca Harbor Skyline Panoramic Photo

    1920 San Francisco CA Harbor Skyline Panoramic Photo

    Panoramic photo showing view of the San Francisco skyline and harbor in the early 1900s. This panoramic photo dates to 1920. Our selection of old vintage photos are the perfect wall art for anyone's home, restaurant, bar, shop or office. Learn More
  2. 1922 San Francisco Ca Street Scene Photo - 5x7

    Photo shows a view of San Francisco East on Post St. from Kearny Street. Photograph dates to 1922. Learn More
  3. 1922 Trenton NJ State & Broad Street Scene Photo

    Picture shows street scene with old cars, billboard ads, and people at State and Broad Streets in Trenton, NJ, dated 1922. Learn More