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  1. 1960s United Air Lines San Francisco California Travel Poster

    This vintage travel ad poster is for United Air Lines who are advertising travel to San Francisco, California(CA). Illustration shows people traveling in a trolley car that is overlooking the bay. The travel poster dates to somewhere around 1960. Learn More
  2. 1940s San Francisco Montgomery Street Corner Scene

    Picture shows a gorgeous street scene at Montgomery Block, 28 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, San Francisco County, CA. Nice view of this area of San Francisco with old vintage cars, buildings, stores, and people walking. Learn More
  3. 1941 San Francisco Cable Car Tracks Reconstruction Photo

    Photo shows view of the San Francisco railway turntable reconstruction of the Bay and Taylor turntable. View to the south. The 'spider' that carries the actual turntable is in place in the pit. This old photograph dates to 1941. Learn More
  4. San Francisco Cable Car Hyde Street Scenic View

    Picture shows San Francisco Cable Railway, Washington & Mason Streets, San Francisco, San Francisco County, CA. View to north looking down the Hyde Street hill from Lombard Street. The steepest hill on the present cable railway system, this grade exceeds 20%. Learn More
  5. 1907 San Francisco Cable Car Track Reconstruction Photo

    Picture shows the rebuilding of the Powell & California Crossing of the California Street Cable Railroad and the Ferries & Cliff House Railway (United Railroads of San Francisco) at Powell and California. One of the special yokes required for a cable crossing is evident on the left side of the photograph immediately behind the crossing excavation. Learn More
  6. 1940s San Francisco Cable Car Turntable Construction Photo

    Picture shows turntable construction at Bay & Taylor street turntable, 1941. View to northwest taken two days after other photo. Reconstruction work is nearly complete in this view. Nice view of an old restaurant and vintage cars parked on the street as well. Learn More
  7. San Francisco Cable Car Railway Annex Interior Photo

    Picture shows San Francisco Cable Railway; interior view towards southwest on second floor of the powerhouse 'annex.' Note the steel column and beam construction and the old shunt car formerly used to move cable cars around the yard. Learn More
  8. San Francisco Cable Car Railway Powerhouse Barn Photo

    Picture shows closeup view of street cable cars at San Francisco Cable Railway, Washington & Mason Streets, San Francisco, San Francisco County, CA. Learn More
  9. 1940s San Francisco Van Ness Street Scene Old Car Photo

    Picture shows street view at 2213-2217 Van Ness Avenue, Historic View, San Francisco, San Francisco County, CA. This photo dates to the 1940's and shows some old shops and a vintage car. Learn More