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  1. Early 1900s Steamboat and Trains on River Bank Pittsburgh Photo

    Photo of the Duquesne incline in Pittsburgh, PA. Nice view of trains on the railroad and steamboat on the river bank. Photo dates to between 1900 and 1910. Learn More
  2. 1915 Pittsburgh Coal Barges & Steamboats on the River

    Great old photo of barges carrying coal, steamboats, bridges, railroad tracks, and the Pittsburgh skyline. This photo dates to around 1915. Learn More
  3. 1915 Pittsburgh Aerial Cityscape View from The Point Photo

    Great photo of Pittsburgh from The Point, with views of skyscrapers, bridges, coal barges on the river, steamboats and railroads. This old photo dates to 1915. Learn More
  4. 1915 Pittsburgh Aerial Skyline Photo

    Great old photo showing the skyline of Pittsburgh, PA as it looked around 1915. Great view of skyscrapers, steamboats on the river, bridges, and train cars in the railroad yard along the river. Learn More