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  1. 1960s Chicago L Subway Train Tower Wilson Ave Photo

    Picture shows the Northwestern Elevated Railroad, Interlocking Tower, Wilson Avenue, Chicago, Cook County, IL. Photo dates to 1960's I believe. Learn More
  2. 1949 Chicago Commuters Getting on Train Photo

    Photo shows view of male commuters walking along a platform next to a train in Chicago, IL. Photo dates to 1949. Learn More
  3. 1907 Chicago Subway Train on Drawbridge Photo

    Photo of a subway train going over a jackknife drawbridge in Chicago, IL. This old photo dates to 1907. Learn More
  4. 1915 Chicago Lake Michigan Fishing Pier Photo

    Photo of people fishing on a fishing pier off Lake Michigan in Chicago, IL. This old photo dates to around 1915. Learn More
  5. 1943 Chicago Union Station Waiting Room Photo

    Photo showing view of policemen and others in the waiting room at Chicago's Union Station. This very artistic photo was taken in January 1943. Learn More
  6. 1905 Chicago Lake Shore Drive Horse Wagon Photo

    Photo of horse drawn wagons riding down Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, IL. This old photo dates to 1905. Great photo that really exemplifies the vast difference in what this famous road looks like now compared to a hundred or so years ago. Learn More
  7. 1910 Chicago Trolley Cars on State Street Photo

    Photo of a street scene on State Street in Chicago, IL. Nice view of trolley cars, horse drawn wagons, old vintage cars, and old storefronts and buildings. Marshall Fields department store is seen on the left. Photo dates to 1910. Learn More
  8. 1910 Chicago Madison / Wabash Street Scene Photo

    Photo shows view of Madison Ave from Wabash Ave., in Chicago, IL. Photo dates to around 1910. Learn More
  9. 1918 Chicago Cubs Baseball Player Tom Daly Photo

    Photograph of baseball player Tom Daly of the Chicago Cubs team. Photo dates to 1918, his first year with the Cubs. Learn More
  10. 1907 Chicago Drexel Boulevard Street Scene Photo

    Photo of Drexel boulevard in Chicago, IL. Great photo of horse drawn carriages and people walking on this residential street. Photo dates to 1907. Learn More