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    Photo of Chicago Cubs players in old uniforms - Lavender, Miller, Smith and Leach. Great historical photo for baseball fans. Photo dates to period between 1908 and 1925. Learn More
  2. 1900s Chicago Cubs Baseball Player Frank Chance Photo

    Photograph of Chicago Cubs Hall of Fame baseball player Frank Chance standing at home plate batting. The catcher is Pat Moran of the Philadelphia Phillies. Great old sports memorabilia photo.

    About the Player
    Frank Leroy Chance (September 9, 1876 – September 15, 1924) was a Major League Baseball player at the turn of the 20th century. Performing the roles of first baseman and manager, Chance led the Chicago Cubs to four National League championships in the span of five years (1906-1910) and earned the nickname "The Peerless Leader". He was elected to the baseball Hall of Fame in 1946.

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  3. 1940s Chicago Maxwell St Scene Buying Shoes Old Shops

    Picture shows people shopping for shoes at shop on Maxwell Street, Chicago, Illinois. Picture dates to late 30's, early 40's. Learn More
  4. 1940s Chicago & Northwestern Train Yard Welder Photo

    Photo shows a welder who works in the round-house at the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad's Proviso yard. This old photo dates to 1942. Learn More
  5. 1940s Chicago Northwestern RR Steam Locomotive Photo

    Photo shows a Locomotive in a railroad yard, Chicago and Northwestern RR, near Chicago, Ilinois. Photo dates to 1942 or 1943. Learn More
  6. 1920s Chicago Aldine Square Kids on Sidewalk Photo

    Picture shows street scene by Aldine Square, Vincennes Avenue, Chicago, Cook County, IL. Learn More
  7. New 1912 Chicago Waterfront View Panoramic Photo

    1912 Chicago Waterfront View Panoramic Photo

    Panoramic photograph of the waterfront area in downtown Chicago, IL. Photo dates to 1912. Our selection of old vintage photos are the perfect wall art for anyone's home, restaurant, bar, shop or office. Learn More
  8. 1901 Chicago Field Museum Jackson Park Photo

    Photo of the Chicago Field Columbian Museum in Jackson Park, Chicago, IL. Great view of this historic museum that now houses the Science and Industry Museum. The Field Museum was relocated off Lake Shore Drive by Soldier Field. Photo dates to 1901. Learn More
  9. 1901 Chicago Michigan Ave Street Scene Photo

    Photo of Grant Park and Michigan Avenue, as seen from the Illinois Central train station in downtown Chicago, IL. Great view of old historic buildings in downtown Chicago. Amazing how different the cityscape looks now compared to 1901. Learn More
  10. 1905 Chicago Railway Exchange Building Photo

    Photo of the Railway Exchange building in Chicago, IL. This old photo dates to 1905. Learn More