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  1. 1893 George Thatcher's Minstrels Theatrical Poster

    This vintage poster is titled: George Thatcher's Minstrels allied with Rich & Harris' Comedy Co. in Tuxedo by Ed. Marble. Caption: The Chicago boy. "If New York behaves itself, we'll annex it to Chicago one of these days." Poster dates to 1893. Learn More
  2. 1905 Political Bosses Satirical Illustrated Poster

    Illustrated poster shows the towering figures of Charles F. Murphy, Michael "Hinky Dink" Kenna, and Israel W. Durham, political bosses respectively of New York City, Chicago, and Philadelphia, placing a medal labeled "Bossism" around their necks. Papers sticking out of Murphy's pockets are labeled "Patronage, Contracts, Graft, and Jobs". This vintage poster dates to 1905. Learn More
  3. 1912 Grant Park & Michigan Avenue Street Scene Photo

    Photo showing a great street scene in downtown Chicago of people walking in Grant Park, old cars on the street, and shops / businesses on Michigan Avenue. This old photo dates to around 1912. Learn More
  4. 1895 Captains of the 12 National League Baseball Teams

    Vintage sports poster showing bust portraits of the captains of the twelve baseball teams in the National League, arranged around a scene showing a base-runner attempting to steal second base during a baseball game. Poster dates to 1895. Learn More
  5. 1940s Vintage Trucks & Cars at US Army Station Photo

    Photo showing view of old freight trucks and vintage cars at the U.S. Army consolidating station in Chicago, IL. This old photo dates to 1943. Learn More
  6. 1940s Illinois Central RR Man Riding on Diesel Engine

    Photo showing Vernon Brower, riding the foot board of a diesel switch engine at the South Water Street freight terminal at the Illinois Central Railroad in Chicago, IL. This old photo dates to 1943. Learn More
  7. 1940s Guys Repairing Locomotive Train Photo

    Photo shows guys working on the cab of a locomotive brought in for repair at the Chicago & North Western Railway 40th Street shops, Chicago, IL. This old photo dates to 1942. Learn More
  8. 1894 Aladdin Jr. 'The Tale of a Wonderful Lamp' Theatrical Poster

    This vintage poster is for a play at the Chicago Opera House titled: Aladdin Jr., The Tale of a Wonderful Lamp. Poster dates to 1894. Learn More


    Photo shows portrait of New York baseball player Luther Taylor. Photo dates to between 1908 and 1925. Nice vintage photo for Chicago baseball fans or baseball memorabilia collectors. Learn More
  10. Early 1900s Freighter Ship Passing Through Drawbridge Photo

    Photo of a freighter steamship passing through the drawbridge on the Chicago River in Chicago, IL. This old photo dates to between 1900 and 1910. Learn More