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  1. 1874 Circus Tents, Trains, & Parade Circus Poster

    This old illustration depicts a circus parade around tents, with crowd watching alongside railroad train. Poster dates to 1874. Learn More
  2. 1937 Circus Wagon in Alger Montana Photo

    Photo shows view of a circus wagon at a circus in Alger, Sheridan County, Montana. Photo dates to 1937. Learn More
  3. 1920s Hot Circus Chicks Ringling Barnum & Bailey Circus Poster

    Beautiful girls, stunning wardrobe, magnificent horses, a charming trainer, a clown, ring curbs and props - all these put together in one scene result in an extremely attractive circus poster. From the Ringling Bros. Barnum Bailey circus in the 1920s. Learn More
  4. 1900 Barnum & Bailey Circus Clowns and Farm Animals Circus Poster

    Vintage circus poster showing clowns with performing animals including geese, roosters, and a donkey. Poster dates to 1900. Great vintage circus poster available in a number of sizes. Learn More
  5. 1900s Black Circus Clowns Acrobats Minstrel Poster

    Nice vintage poster for Wm. H. West's Big Minstrel Jubilee. Illustrations detail a group of black circus clown acrobats performing tricks. This poster shows a very detailed view of what the minstrel might be like upon visiting it. Learn More
  6. Sells Floto Circus M'lle Beeson Acrobat Poster

    This old Sells Floto circus poster shows tight-rope walker Beeson prancing with a parasol. Nice old vintage poster. Learn More

    Photo of a carnival circus sideshow. Very cool shot of the 'Viking Giant' and other circus freaks. This would make a great addition to anyone's circus or carnival memorabilia. Learn More
  8. 1894 Barnum & Bailey Circus Animals on Display Poster

    This Barnum & Bailey circus poster from 1894 shows the customs of exotic nations ? dances, instruments, attire and dwellings. This was sometimes part of the educational display in the menagerie tents of the big railroad circuses. Learn More
  9. Old Barnum & Bailey Circus Elephants Poster

    This old Barnum & Bailey Circus poster shows six smaller panels with elephant routines and a large illustration in the middle of them of elephants. Learn More
  10. 1880s Cirque D'Hiver French Circus Poster Aerial

    French circus poster shows an aerialist floating with arms outstretched above a city skyline with a balloon in the background. Titled 'Cirque d'hiver Tous les soirs, a 8 heures'. Learn More